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8.Michael Holmond(non-registered)
Hi Steve what a nice website you have here, keep up the good work.
7.Gregg Surratt(non-registered)
You are talented!
6.Jill Hammack(non-registered)
Bro - You did it again. Captured the romance of Alaska! Hope it was a wonderful trip for all. Thanks for sharing the memories. Love you Jill
5.Lisa Cotten(non-registered)
Awesome Pictures!!!!! Awesome Trip!!!!!

(can we go back yet???)
4.Ward Bradshaw(non-registered)
Great site Steve! Always love seeing them, and would like to see the out takes!!
3.bonnie clark stroud(non-registered)
these are some awesome shots steve...love the captures..and how you've brought them all together on a site to share...thanks for that !
2.Jill Hammack(non-registered)
Great site. Love all the pictures. You are so talented. So proud to call you brother :)
1.Taft Stallings(non-registered)
Love the new site Steve; great work as always!
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